Increased style, reduced occupancy downtime

How hotels benefit from Multipanel

• Long-lasting contemporary design
• Wide range of decors and textures
• Provide significant time and cost savings
• Maximised room occupancy rates
• Reduced facilities management costs

Key considerations for hotels

All hotels. from national chains to city boutiques,require regular renovation to avoid outdated decors and general deterioration.

Keeping your hotels on-trend

For years Multipanel products have kept hotels at the forefront of interior fashion. The wide range of decors and textures is updated on a regular basis to ensure that finishes are on-trend.

Reduced occupancy downtime

Hoteliers rely on fast renovations to maximise their profitability, customer satisfaction and minimise guest disruption. Using Multipanel fast tracks room upgrades and provides a number of key benefits including reducing maintenance and vacancy downtime.

A hotel room can have all wall panels fitted and ready to use in 24 hours due to Multipanel efficiencies such as the smart Hydrolock system and the panels ability to perform both structurally and decoratively.

Consistency of hotel brand

Style is everything when it comes to a hotel. It helps determine the guest experience and impacts on pricing structure, reviews and reputation. The decor choice and ability to use bespoke designs throughout Multipanel's Create  Range makes brand representation easier with bespoke designs.

Check out our case study to find out how hotels can save time and money with Multipanel.