Hotel bathroom refurbishment

How to save time and money

Michael Dobson from Grant Westfield shares his vision on how Multipanel is challenging conventional bathroom design, and explains how waterproof wall panels are saving the hotel industry time and money in the upkeep and refurbishment of bathrooms.

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Multipanel waterproof wall panels create vibrant bathrooms with quick and easy installation and beautiful aesthetics. Opening up a whole new world of flexible interior improvement, Multipanel wall panels and waterproof floors have been designed to help make a bold and long-lasting statement, whilst completely eliminating the risk of mould.


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Increased life-cycle

First impressions count in the hotel sector more than most. With Multipanel, there is no more grout, and no more discolouring or build-up of mould over time, meaning your guests can enjoy that newly refurbished feel, well beyond our 10-year warranty. This means you will not have to refurbish your bathrooms, quite so often.


Millennium Copthorne in Salford   

Millennium Copthorne in Salford


Save money with cleaning

Wall cladding allows you to save money in both build and maintenance, as the hygienic panels can be wiped clean in seconds. Think of it this way, cutting room cleaning time by two minutes can lead to £000’s in savings. For example, a hotel with 100 rooms, 2 minutes each = 3.33 hours per day @ £7.50 per hour (min wage 25+) = £9,000 annual savings.


On trend colours and textures

Multipanel provides an array of on trend tones and textures, with bespoke capability, allowing total brand control. Our stylish finishes permit limitless designs, allowing you to create a modern contemporary look. We have a portfolio of products available to complement the interior of your hotel, enabling a full package of walls, floors and ceilings from one single source, reducing admin for procurement pathways. Whether it’s a large development or a luxury one-off project, we have solutions available.


Quicker than tiles for refurbishments and new builds

Let’s address one key factor that greatly impacts the industry; speed of construction. Multipanel is quick and easy to install, enabling improved construction times, and is supplied on a ‘Just in Time’ basis to suit build programmes. Panels are typically installed three times quicker than tiles which can be pivotal in project completion, thus saving time and money. Multipanel also has fantastic structural properties, allowing savings of up to £40 per m² when substituting plasterboard and tiling. Equally, it can be fitted directly over existing tiles, slashing refurbishment costs.

Not only waterproof walls, Multipanel waterproof floors too

Taking our expertise in waterproof walls, Multipanel can also help with waterproof flooring in hotel bathrooms too. Our stylish WetFlor® brings resilient slip resistant flooring to your wetroom. We can also provide slip resistant luxury tile, stone and wood effect waterproof vinyl flooring.


Offsite production methods

Multipanel walls and floors fit extremely well into offsite production methods. In addition to the speed of installation, and no requirement to wait for grout to dry, Multipanel transports to site more securely than tiles, reducing on-site snagging.

If you are looking for improved turnaround times, stunning long-lasting design and quality, then Multipanel products are definitely for your hotel.

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