Leisure & Retail


Grant Westfield’s extensive range of high end washrooms, toilet cubicles and wet rooms for the leisure industry provides easy-to clean, comfortable and practical spaces for your visitors.

In addition to offering a unique combination of distinctive, original washrooms, our Concept to Completion service can take your project from the drawing board to final installation in your gym and swimming pool areas.

Grant Westfield leisure products include:

  • Toilet cubicles with the option of System M emergency access
  • Ducting and vanity units,
  • A wide range of lockers for the leisure sector
  • Children’s cubicles from our robust Scamp range
  • Panelling

Emergency access - a must for public spaces
Environments with added factors such as high heartrates and exhaustion, need to facilitate cubicle access should a user encounter any unexpected health issues. With Grant Westfield’s patented System M cubicle, emergency services and facilities managers can be confident of gaining rapid entry to washroom cubicles in the case of illness or other emergency, thereby improving the chances of a better outcome and reducing the risk of subsequent litigation.

System M allows normally inward opening cubicle doors to be opened outwards in an emergency, while avoiding the need to break components or remove pilasters to gain access — a truly innovative system and one that does not force you to compromise on design.

View our video to see how System M works. 


Retailers rely on Grant Westfield to provide them with robust washroom and cubicle systems capable of standing up to the heaviest use.

The washrooms we create for the retail sector are both stylish and functional and can withstand the toughest of punishment and most rigorous of cleaning regimes. Easy to clean, they feature vandal resistant products; bespoke baby changing units; and the option of System M Emergency Access.

We also offer a Concept to Completion service to project manage your turnkey retail fit-out, including the design and manufacture of tailored solutions to match your building.

Take a look at our work
Case studies for several project completions: Dynamic Earth, The Bullring, and Dobbies Garden Centre illustrate some of Grant Westfield projects in the retail and leisure arenas. Further examples can be found at our Case Studies section.