Washrooms, shower rooms and cubicles designed to meet the high demands of hospitals, surgeries and dental practices.

Grant Westfield’s washrooms conform to all operational and regulatory requirements of the healthcare sector, where hygiene and safety considerations are key.

Our products are designed to help reduce contamination and are easily maintained to meet the demands of specific applications in hospitals, surgeries and dental practices.

Through our work with the Design Council’s Design for Patient Dignity, we are dedicated to giving patients comfort and privacy.

Grant Westfield’s health sector products include:

  • Toilet cubicles
  • Vanity Units
  • Personal space cubicles
  • Integrated Panel Systems (IPS)
  • Waterproof and anti-slip flooring
  • Ducting
  • Accessories

Ease of cleaning
Grant Westfield washrooms and shower rooms for the health sector are designed to be tough and hygienic and very easy to clean. Smooth non-absorbant surfaces and clean lines minimise the places where dirt can hide and bacteria can grow. Our washrooms are built to tolerate the most scrupulous and frequent of cleaning regimes, including the use of powerful detergents and regular hosing.

Emergency Access
In a clinical setting, it goes without saying that the requirement for gaining emergency access to washroom cubicles is paramount.

Grant Westfield’s patented emergency access system, System M, is the only system designed to fully meet the regulations of Document M. With System M, health service managers and medical professionals can be confident of gaining speedy access to washroom cubicles in the case of illness or other emergency, such as where a patient barricades themselves into a cubicle.

System M allows normally inward opening cubicle doors to be opened outwards in an emergency, while avoiding the need to break components or remove pilasters to gain access — a truly innovative system and one that does not force a compromise on design or patient privacy.

Many of our clients, such as the Andrew Duncan clinic in Edinburgh have already installed System M, and other clients now see it as a sure way to gain time in an emergency situation, thereby improving the chances of better outcomes and reducing the risk of subsequent litigation.

View our video to see how System M works and visit our Products section for details of cubicle options.


  • Our products can withstand high impact and are vandalism resistant,
  • Anti-slip flooring features the same easy-cleaning properties as our IPS panel products and is completely waterproof.

Ease of access and replacement
Adaptability is an integral part of our product design. With Grant Westfield’s structural framework you can make quick and cost-effective modifications over the lifetime of the building. It also allows for incredibly easy access to concealed services, such as pipework, ducting and wiring.

Our underlying aluminium structural framework enables the panelling to be changed and refreshed as required - whether for a light touch makeover or a complete refurbishment. By being able to reuse our metal structure through the simple replacement of panels, our products considerably reduce costs, logistics and design time.