Grant Westfield: creating washrooms students will want to visit, not avoid.

Thankfully the importance of having the right environment in education washrooms and changing facilities has been recognised as a way of promoting hygiene, health and education and, particularly within schools, as a route to reducing bullying, anti-social behavior and vandalism. Grant Westfield's passion for crafting practical and safe environments for everyday use has enabled us to deliver award-winning spaces for the education sector. From nursery to university, our easy-to-clean washrooms, cubicles and lockers can be tailored to suit any budget and are vandal resistant.

We created the first SSLD-3 compliant systems for the government's BSF programme. We are highly experienced in working closely with architects and clients to produce hard-wearing building interiors for all ages, and to suit current standards and legislation.

Our work in the education sector is widely recognised. We were recently announced as the winner in the the BCSE Industry Award for Inspiring Design: Secondary School for our installation at Westminster Academy, which featured bespoke personal space cubicles with vanities and service concealment.

Grant Westfield's washrooms for the education sector cover:

  • Low door cubicles for younger children to allow adult supervision
  • Full height and personal space cubicles essential for privacy
  • Vanity Units and troughs
  • Integrated Panel Systems (IPS) for easy access service concealment
  • Floors
  • Ducting
  • Accessories

Additionally, we have the skill, experience and contacts to manage entire turnkey projects. And, whether your project is to refurbish an old facility or to start from scratch, we can take your ideas for creating bright, practical and safe spaces right through to final installation.

Creative freedom to design clean, safe and visible spaces

With Grant Westfield's extensive range of high performance products you have an incredible degree of flexibility to achieve practical, good looking and durable washrooms, shower rooms and changing areas, and ones where students will feel safe and enjoy using.

Ease of cleaning

The washrooms we create for the education sector are built to withstand the toughest abuse and rough treatment, the harshest of cleaning regimes, as well as acts of vandalism. They are easy to keep clean and easy to clean. 

Emergency Access

Grant Westfield's patented emergency access system, System M, is the only system designed to fully meet the regulations of Document M. With System M, speedy access to washroom cubicles in the case of a student locking themselves in a cubicle, illness or other emergency is assured.

System M allows normally inward opening cubicle doors to be opened outwards in an emergency, while avoiding the need to break components or remove pilasters to gain access a truly innovative system and one that does not force you to compromise on design.

View our video to see how System M works and visit our Products section for details of cubicle options.

Speed of installation

Installing a Grant Westfield washroom is quick and cost effective. And, whether you are working on plans for a brand new washroom or on a refurbishment, our expert team can manage site deliverables for you down to the smallest detail, simplifying large-scale projects, and ensuring minimal or negligible service disruption: an important consideration when it comes to servicing high volume traffic.

Future proof projects

Our underlying aluminium structural framework is a lifetime product that enables the surface cladding to be changed and refreshed as required by the client - whether for a light touch makeover or a complete refurbishment. Being able to reuse our metal structure and simply replace the panelling considerable cost savings can be achieved.

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Grant Westfield recently won the BCSE Industry Award for Inspiring Design: Secondary School for its installation at Westminster Academy which featured bespoke personal space cubicles, vanities and service concealment.