Show clients and employees you care with a Grant Westfield washroom

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing washrooms for businesses for over 50 years, building our reputation on our drive and commitment to deliver only the highest performance products and innovative systems to clients.

Studies suggest that an employee will visit a corporate washroom 3-4 times a day, so it’s important that yours creates a great impression every time and one that signals that you care for your staff and clients.

Creative freedom to design around regulatory requirements
Yes, corporate washrooms must be ergonomically designed, functional, hygienic and compliant, but does that mean they can’t also be beautiful and capable of reflecting the brand values of an organisation?

At Grant Westfield, we make it our business to perfect the washroom environment in every respect. Our high performance products incorporate the personality and style that allow your design aspirations to be achieved.

Grant Westfield delivers the detail you need
Our integrated systems can meet a real diversity of specifications – from plush luxurious executive installations right through to the more modest washroom. We provide:

  • Toilet cubicles
  • Personal space cubicles
  • Vanity Units
  • Panelling
  • IPS
  • Structural framework
  • Ducting

Future proof washrooms
We understand the broad spectrum of needs required to design and build washrooms in corporate buildings, and know that from the get-go, astute businesses, developers and landlords will have an eye on protecting their investment for the long term.

Grant Westfield can help here through the adaptability that is an integral part of our product design. This allows for quick and cost-effective modifications to me made to accommodate change over the lifetime of the building — for instance, to:

  • Accommodate new occupants.
  • Reflect changes in the look and feel of a business’s brand.
  • Take account of advances in technology, energy use and performance.
  • Refresh or refurbish a building

Our underlying metal structural framework enables the panelling to be changed and refreshed as required by the client - whether for a light touch makeover or a complete refurbishment. By being able to reuse our metal structure through the simple replacement of panels, our products considerably reduce costs, logistics and design time.

Would an emergency wreck your washroom?
With Façade Flush, emergency services and facilities managers can be confident of gaining speedy access to washroom cubicles in the case of illness or other emergency, thereby improving the chances of a better outcome and reducing the risk of subsequent litigation.

Grant Westfield’s is the only specialist washroom company with systems which fully meet with the guidance set out in Approved Document M and its relative British Standard – BS8300.

Façade Flush allows normally inward opening cubicle doors to be outwardly removed in an emergency, while avoiding the need to break components — a truly innovative system and one that does not force you to compromise on design.

We are BIM ready
At Grant Westfield we are ‘BIM ready’ at Level 2 for both public and private sector projects with all of our products detailed to the necessary ‘Levels of Development’, thus enabling architects and contractors to work with assured confidence at all stages.

What is Grant Westfield’s key differentiator?

  • Superlative products aside, we stick with our clients from day one. There is no expiry upon our assistance throughout construction.
  • We have the capacity to accessorise the washroom needs of the end user – a benefit which has been pivotal in our work with blue chip corporate clients.
  • We offer a Concept to Completion service, helping with design, planning and technical solutions for high end washrooms and cubicles.

Take a look at our work
Case studies for several project completions: Prudential and 234 Bath Road illustrate the Grant Westfield integrated systems in use. Further examples can be found at our Case Studies section.