Airports and Public Buildings

Grant Westfield: the number one provider for airport washrooms in the UK

For over 40 years, Grant Westfield has been at the forefront of specialist design, manufacturing and installation of washrooms, in airports and other high footfall public spaces such as shopping centres, exhibition halls and arenas.

Whatever the spec, Grant Westfield delivers
When it comes to configuring high use washrooms, both our integrated and flexible modular systems give specifiers, architects and developers an unparalleled breadth of choice and flexibility in everything from colour, finish, and accessories, right through to important features such as the Grant Westfield ground breaking patented emergency access cubicle.

Grant Westfield’s distinctive washroom range covers:

  • Toilet cubicles
  • Vanity Units
  • Panelling
  • Floors
  • Structural framework
  • Ducting
  • Accessories
  • Integrated Panel Systems (IPS)

Additionally, we partner with airports to offer the skill, experience and contacts to manage entire turnkey projects, right through from concept to completion.

Emergency Access 
Grant Westfield’s patented emergency access system, System M, is the only system designed to fully meet the regulations of Document M. With System M, emergency services and facilities managers can be confident of gaining speedy access to washroom cubicles in the case of illness or other emergency, thereby improving the chances of a better outcome and reducing the risk of subsequent litigation.

System M allows normally inward opening cubicle doors to be opened outwards in an emergency, while avoiding the need to break components or remove pilasters to gain access — a truly innovative system and one that does not force you to compromise on design.

Many of our clients are already seeing the value of specifying System M for their washroom cubicles. View our video to see how System M works and visit our Products section for details of cubicle options.

Ease of cleaning 
Grant Westfield washrooms are designed to be practical. We know that an absolute requirement of airport and other public space washrooms is that they are easy to keep clean and are easy to clean. So the washrooms we create for airports and busy public spaces are built to withstand the toughest of punishment, the harshest of cleaning regimes, as well as acts of vandalism.

Speed of installation
Installing a Grant Westfield washroom is quick and cost effective. And, whether you are working on plans for a brand new washroom or on a refurbishment, our expert team can manage site deliverables for you down to the smallest detail, simplifying large-scale projects, and ensuring minimal or negligible service disruption – an important consideration when it comes to servicing high volume traffic.

Future proof projects
Our underlying aluminium structural framework is a lifetime product that enables the surface cladding to be changed and refreshed as required by the client - whether for a light touch makeover or a complete refurbishment. Being able to reuse our metal structure and simply replace the panelling considerable cost savings can be achieved.

Take a look at our work
Case studies for several project completions: Gatwick and Stansted illustrate Grant Westfield products in use. Further examples can be found at our Case Studies section.