System M: cubicle innovation for peace of mind

Tuesday 13th June 2017

Emergencies can occur at any second and having “fit for purpose” specified facilities in place at the outset minimises risk when the worst happens.

The UK’s ambulance services endeavour to achieve an 8-minute response time for critical to serious incidents but when faced with locked doors the minutes are ticking. When it comes to washroom cubicles, Grant Westfield is setting the standard and delivering the leading time critical solution to emergency cubicle access.

System M enables standard inward opening doors to be opened outwards in an emergency, without having to break components or remove pilasters or doors. The ingenuity of this unique cubicle lies within the simplicity of design and practicality of function. System M allows access in a medical emergency within an industry leading 30 seconds. No special tools are necessary, avoiding the need for facilities maintenance teams, saving critical time. The pilaster contains a unique retractable section which enables the door to be opened outwards. All that is required is a coin to release the lock and a firm grip to release the door.

System M complies Doc M, DDA and SSLD-3 regulations. With minimal post incident intervention required for cubicles to be operational again, it is the peace of mind choice for commercial washroom specifiers and organisations managing risk in washroom environments.